Lisa John

Carlos Hernandez

Lead Desinger

Carlos “Los” Hernandez is the lead designer for Teddy. Carlos and Mayra started as strangers working on a project, progressed to being homies, and now feel like family. 
 He is the designer that brought Teddy to life with his killer branding and design skills. He was able to embody all that Teddy stood from the color palette, to the logo and merch design. As the brand grew he was always alongside in pop-ups selling his own merch as Infamous Design Co alongside Teddy. 
 Carlos is a sought-out designer that has been able to make a wide array of visions and brands come to life. Thinking of starting a brand, Los is your man. No need to look further.  
Jane Doe

Sonam Dhanjal


Sonam aka Soni is a graphic designer and illustrator based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Her philosophy as a designer is to create with intention and embrace the chaos that is design. From ideation to the final product, the process itself is a chaotic one and it is within this chaos that she thrives. Her inspirations come from various platforms, but mostly thru music, movies, traditional tattoo art and graphic novels. 
Cartherin Forres

Erin Allen


Erin is an art director and textile artist from Chicago. There, she was raised by a community of loved ones and neighbors who's perspective heavily influence her work. She is creative, loves to collaborate, and enjoys breaking her boundaries as an artist. 
 When approached to design merch for Teddy, she pulled all her expertise and influence together for her first go at graphic design.
Cartherin Forres

Blake Walker


Blake is a Graphic Designer and photographer born and raised in Southern California. He is dedicated to design through the idea of bridging the gap and building a relationship between everyday person and brand. 
His inspiration comes from taking walks and being in the landscape, film, music and his conversations with of friends and family about nothing in particular.